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An Exhibit for the Man Upstairs

CASE STUDY: MARK BRIC INC. – An Exhibit for the Man Upstairs


Problem: Help market and focus attention on Mark Bric Inc.’s physically small products in a large trade show environment.

Solution: Use high resolution photography and enlarge product images onto flexible 8 Panel ISOframe Wave backwall and use multi-media to draw visitors into booth for a hands on experience.

An Exhibit for the Man Upstairs

Ok, that is not as ominous as it sounds. What you may not know is that in the USA Mark Bric Inc. and Mark Bric Display share office and warehouse space. The office personnel of Mark Bric Inc. are literally upstairs. So, when we at Mark Bric Display say the man upstairs, we are not referring to some deity, but to our fellow office mates of Mark Bric Inc. and their size marker and label business. Mark Bric Display had the privilege of working with family, Mark Bric Inc., to create a display for the Global Shop trade show in Las Vegas, NV.

The challenge with creating a booth for Mark Bric Inc. is that to showcase their product, Size Markers and Sizing Labels, you have to get a tad creative because the product itself is physically very small. Not nanobot small mind you, but, still on a relative scale from peanut to elephant… size markers are much closer to the unshelled peanut end of the spectrum. If you have been on this planet long enough, and assuming your name is not Adam or Eve and you are not running around in fig leaves, you have been in a retail clothing store and seen the circular “Brics” on the clothes hangers that indicate the sizes of clothing. These Size Markers, Sizing Disks that divide clothing racks into sections, and adhesive labels with sizes printed on them are the core of Mark Bric’s business. In a large trade show venue, you can imagine how just placing the diminutive products out on a counter or table alone would dwarf their presentation.  Mark Bric Display helped Mark Bric Inc. choose an 8 panel ISOframe Wave exhibit that would make this tiny product have a giant impact. Creating this attractive eye-catching display was made possible with the guidance and expertise of Mark Bric Display and a Swedish Advertising Agency; together, they were able to guide and advise on how to achieve graphic clarity for the images given the enormous enlargement factor required.

These days with available technology, it is easy for anyone with a cell phone to take fairly nice pictures of just about anything – including products. However, not every great picture is fit to be enlarged. Most cell phone pictures work great on the web but when you move into the realm of exhibit prep, a little extra time, planning and expense may be necessary. For this display, wisely, product photos were done by a professional photographer to ensure the resolution was high enough for the images of the tiny products to be viable when reproduced in such an enlarged format. It may seem like an inconsequential detail, but the dividends, of crisp, clear, attention getting exhibit images are worth the extra time, effort and expense. For Mark Bric Inc., the end reward of successful show leads and resulting sales was worth the preparation in procuring high resolution product photography by a professional photographer.

Raymond Roman from Mark Bric Inc.  remarked, “Our choice to use the ISOframe was simple. We were looking for a display that would be easy to set up, have “curb appeal”, and stand out among the larger size booth spaces that are the norm on the GlobalShop trade show floor.”  Their display also utilized several ISOframe Wave enhancements that made selling products and services easy. One added feature was the 32” video monitor mounted over the attached product display counter at one end of the exhibit. The integration of multimedia, product display counter and a free standing counter station, where potential buyers could touch and feel actual product, played an integral role in product display and creating inviting conversational focus areas. Ray added, “We also desired that the product views would remind potential clients that there is a need for our products in their store environment and in their garment distribution facilities.   We thought adding a video display monitor with a looping video of our products in use would highlight the diverse applications of our Size Markers, Rack Dividers, Fitting Room Tags, and Labels.”

Working with Mark Bric Display is always a collaborative process between the client and our display design and production teams. Each step of the process is monitored closely so that design vision, hardware and graphics are synergistic in providing the client an exhibit of which they are not just proud, but can honestly say has enabled them, as in this case, to meet their predetermined sales and marketing objectives.

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– By Stacy D. Poole, Marketing Professional at Mark Bric Display Corp.