It’s time for yet another trade show and you are brainstorming ideas to infuse some new life and excitement to your exhibit. You want to break the glazed stare of aisle walkers and get attendees to actually enter your space. Consider adding audio visual elements into your plan; maybe you’ll even excite your booth staffers in the process too!

Add an Interactive Station

Remember when you were a child and at a museum? What is the one thing you wanted to do most? If you were like me, it was: TOUCH THE STUFF! Right or wrong most people learn not only by viewing and listening but by touching and being given the opportunity to interact. Provide the opportunity for attendees to use an iPad or a touch screen laptop to take a survey, play a game, peruse your website or scroll through an informational pdf created especially for the show; it will boost their experience by enhancing recall of your company and its products and services, plus will hopefully banish some of the inevitable at show boredom. Like this idea? Mark Bric Display has various iPad holders to help seamlessly integrate rented or owned iPads into your new or existing booth designs.

Utilize Real Time Social Media Interaction

Most everyone has a favorite social media platform. Try using them to your advantage while at the show. Allow your sites to be interactive. For example, since Facebook live streaming is now available, don’t be afraid to encourage booth staffers to engage customers or even challenge them to stream live feedback of your exhibit, products and show specials.

Provide iPads or counters with laptops for the experience. Offer incentives or rewards for those willing to post or tweet with your custom show #hashtags. You may even want to include a larger wall mounted monitor on your backwall to display your ongoing interactions. Who knows maybe something will go viral! Not sure how to get a monitor integrated into your booth? Mark Bric can help. Our ISOframe family has many options. You can design an entire booth around your interactive components or add something entirely portable like an ISOframe Ripple Media Screen which uses a small footprint but has dramatic impact in your booth space.

Jam Out With Some Tunes


Ok, maybe not jam out…but do enjoy some music. Hopefully you will not have too much dead time to just stand around singing and dancing during show hours, but a little upbeat mood music can keep your booth staffers energized and happy. Music should be an enhancement not a nuisance so keep in mind that you still need to carry on conversations; wisely choose technology and speakers with that in mind.

Consider the show audience – are they country, urban, Broadway show tune people? Pre-plan and tailor your playlist. Remember to not use songs with lyrics that could be offensive. Challenge yourself: pick a theme for the music that is a tie in to your product or promotion for that show and use the songs as a springboard to conversation regarding what your company can provide for the attendee. Want the tunes? Talk to Mark Bric about where in your booth design these elements can go and ask us about building secure in booth storage so that you can leave your technology overnight on the show floor without worries.

Collect Attendee Info

One big reason you are at a show is to get future sales contacts. Heck, if you’re honest you’d admit you were hoping to close a few sales right at the show! Unfortunately, the business card in the goldfish bowl lead collection method is very outdated. Not everyone caries business cards anymore; there are a lot of folks who prefer just to share their info digitally so be ready. Don’t bog down your booth staffs’ cell phones! Be sure to have an iPad app or a laptop ready for attendees to fill in info. This will make your life back at the office much simpler too! Again, if you need help with this, Mark Bric Display not only has iPad holders but also numerous free standing counter options, case to counter conversions, as well as laptop table modules that fit seamlessly right into your exhibit.

Think Big – Use More Than One Device

If everything goes according to plan, you will have a small crowd ready to engage and learn more about what you have to offer. Be sure you have enough monitors and interactive devices to handle the desired crowd. If show attendees sense they will have to wait, they may just pass right on by. Plan to use more than one iPad, or combine iPad, laptop and monitors so there are multiple stations in your booth where staff can engage and facilitate attendee interaction. Not sure where to start? Give Mark Bric Display a call at 800-742-6275 or fill out your contact information here and we’ll get started on a no obligation quote and a free 3-d rendering of a booth design with a system that will work best to meet your sales goals, objectives and audio visual desires.

– By Stacy D. Poole, Marketing Professional at Mark Bric Display Corp.