BannerUp Displays Help PBS Open The Book To Love of Reading - Mark Bric Display

BannerUp Displays Help PBS Open The Book To Love of Reading


When PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) in the USA launched its Library Corner Initiative, a national program which focuses on increasing literacy skills for children ages 2 to 8, CSI Printing & Graphics ( teamed up with Mark Bric Display ( for a solution and chose the BannerUp Plus (, ordering just under 600 displays.

Since there would be children playing around the display, the display of choice needed to be capable of holding up in an active area like that of the children’s corner of a library. After reviewing several possible solutions, PBS chose the BannerUp Plus display because of its metal base cassette casing, retractable display and pole, and 40 inch (100 cm) width. The 40-inch wide unit, which is generally not as popular as the top-selling 3-foot (88 cm) unit, was the choice because its affect on the aspect ratio of the banner graphics printed by CSI Graphics. Standard BannerUp widths include 10 inches (25 cm), 2 feet (60 cm), 3 feet (88 cm), 40 inches (100 cm), 4 feet (120 cm), 5 feet (150 cm) and 8 feet (240 cm).

More than 200 libraries across the USA and 30 local PBS television stations participated in the Library Corner Initiative and used the display. The initiative was a success, and Mark Bric Display was honored to partner with CSI Printing & Graphics to help meet a need.