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Be Flexible in Your Soft Signage Paradigm

Soft signage opportunities keep popping up all over the place! I hope our end-user clients are open to taking advantage of a new way of doing things but even more so I hope the sign producers and marketing agencies with which we partner are also keeping their eyes and ears open to awesome soft signage opportunities that exist both in the trade show and retail realms.

In “Be Flexible”, an article in the March issue of BIG PICTURE (a magazine for the wide format print industry), John Whitt, president and CEO of Just Vision It, a dye sublimation print provider, said, “Besides the impact soft signage has had on trade shows, it’s also being specified more for corporate and retail environments.” Yes! Mark Bric Display is 100 % on board the wide format graphics and soft signage train. We believe so much in fabric being used in trade show exhibits and retail marketing displays that we have a whole ISOframe Fabric exhibit and light box line of products to prove it! We do want folks to know that dye-sublimation printed SEG fabric is not just for trade shows –  there are also a host of promotion, special event and retail possibilities as well.

When it comes to capturing customer attention, big works, light works, high quality works. Now put all three of those together in a wall mounted light box or a free standing over-sized unit – you have magic! Imagine the promotions, both big and small, available for retail with over-sized wall mounted graphics and light boxes created with the brilliance and convenience of a soft signage print. Mark Bric Display has the ability to create SEG Fabric LED light boxes and displays in any custom size.

One particularly hot market segment right now, according to aforementioned article in the Big Picture, is the video game industry. Large, lightweight SEG fabric graphics that can be wall mounted as to not take up valuable retail floor space and can be changed out easily and conveniently are in demand in the gaming industry as well as in many market segments for both space and convenience reasons. The same is true in the trade show market. Exhibitors are realizing that fabric allows them to save time and money in set-up, tear down, and shipping.

If you have clients that use signage at all, you really need to try and capture some of their business by suggestive selling soft signage. Mark Bric can partner with you to work through the design and creation process. Together we can make a soft signage powerhouse team that will make your clients, and you, beyond content.

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