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Be Hip…Get a Hybrid! Why You Should Consider a Hybrid Display


Be Hip…Get a Hybrid! Why You Should Consider a Hybrid Display

You have probably heard folks toss the term “hybrid” around like a hot potato. In the automotive world hybrid denotes a vehicle with both an electric motor and a traditional gasoline engine. In trade show circles, everyone is talking about “hybrid” displays, but what does that actually mean? Simply put, a hybrid display is designed to have the full visual, sales and marketing impact of a custom booth, but is constructed from stocked exhibit hardware, which keeps costs down and speeds up fulfillment timetables.

Trade show budgets can be a large line item in a company’s marketing program so increasing value through a hybrid’s re-configurability and reusability, has become paramount in today’s exhibit and display community. Statista reports that only 28% of companies will be increasing their budgets for 2016, 44% will remain the same as the previous year, and challengingly, the remaining 28% will be cutting budgets.

The cost advantage of hybrids is enticing for all of these segments, and the inherent flexibility of hybrids to be reconfigured for multiple venues and size parameters further assists the groups dealing with budget constraints.

If you have not yet purchased a trade show booth for your exhibiting adventures, consider these hybrid factors and advantages:


Hybrids are not cookie cutter displays. Two exhibits can be created from the same in stock display system, such as the Mark Bric ISOframe, and look vastly different. Layout, graphic substrate options (including fabric!), color schemes, accessories and integration of multimedia are all elements that make each display unique.


Being modular is a money saver and a creative person’s dream feature. The ability to use the same exhibit in a 10’ x 10’ space one week, then turn around and add, remove or integrate different elements the following week for a 10’ x 20’ booth space is what hybrid is all about. For example, the ISOframe Wave twists and bends in every direction so you can modify the look of your display easily; you can even mix it up mid show if you want to! Hybrids can feature modular sub components too. The ISObar counter system looks high end, provides a custom booth luxury feel yet you can add and take away sections easily with no tools to create diverse demonstration and customer help stations as needed.


Unlike custom exhibits that are notorious for needing specially made, oversized, heavy, and expensive-to-ship wooden crates, hybrid displays like the ISOframe Wave or ISOframe Fabric, are lightweight and easy to transport. These hybrid examples can be broken down into component pieces and shipped in soft-sided or plastic molded cases with wheels that conveniently store both the frame work and graphics portions of the display. Creative hybrid counter options, like the Mark Bric ISOframe Ripple counters, do double duty as counter and case by featuring an attractive counter top and a customizable graphic wrap. Look for hybrid options like these that can be set up quickly with minimal staff and transported via standard shipping methods such as UPS and Fed-X. The aforementioned Mark Bric options are excellent examples.


One of the great things about hybrids is available accessories. If you are looking at the right hybrid display it will be like a buffet line where you can pick and choose items based on your individualized sales and marketing goals and objectives. ISOframe systems have shelving, tables, counters, slatwall, banner stands, audio visual monitors and mounts, literature holders, towers, even doors! You can integrate as many or as few options as you want based on each show. It is like having pudding, cobbler, Jell-O and cake available at Piccadilly’s. Choose one, none, or all!

Spend your marketing dollars wisely and consider investing in a hybrid display system for your trade show and exhibit needs. This way, no matter what your budget this year or next, you will always be able to keep your organization’s look innovative and fresh.

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– By Stacy D. Poole, Marketing Professional at Mark Bric Display Corp.