CASE STUDY: Bethesda Maryland Marriott Uses Strategic Signage to Facilitate Change - Mark Bric Display

CASE STUDY: Bethesda Maryland Marriott Uses Strategic Signage to Facilitate Change


Bethesda Maryland Marriott Uses Strategic Signage to Facilitate Change

Problem: Upscale Hotel Needs to Maintain Quality Environment and Excellent Service During Improvement and Renovation Process.

Solution: Local Graphics Account Manager from CSI Employs Alluring Fabric Graphics Coupled with Mark Bric Display ISOframe and Banner Products

There is nothing worse than checking into a hotel and having to deal with the clutter and confusion of construction and renovation. The Bethesda, Marriott was in a season of change; they were on a mission to fulfill their goal of transforming everything. As they put it, “Every well-crafted detail is designed on your terms. New check-in technology — faster and simpler. New common spaces — always connected, polished and adaptive. Change in function fluidly from work to relaxation to play with guest rooms that feel as personal as they are relaxing. And meeting spaces that inspire you to create, to think.”

Making this much change and maintaining a quality environment is no small task. Marriott decided to manage their renovations with class and some strategic, yet attractive, large format SEG fabric signage created and printed by CSI and coupled with Mark Bric Display Corp.’s  ISOframe fabric display product offerings. In order to make guests aware of changes, construction and improvements, the Bethesda Marriott chose to employ a high impact SEG Fabric display in its common areas and near areas most greatly affected by change. Using larger, fabric graphic, wall-like signage Marriott directed guests’ attention to informative, positive, high impact messages which provided clear direction and explained incredible enhancements and new amenities within the hotel. In addition, messages displayed via Mark Bric’s More-Expo Campaign Extra banner stands enhanced the theme of improvement and change at key positions throughout the hotel. All of this was done in an eye-catching yet unobtrusive manner.  Jim Hamlin of CSI commented, “It is always a pleasure to provide professional graphics in dependable hardware that has flexible applications. In this case the Mark Bric products were a perfect complement to the graphics we provided for Marriott.”

Hotel managers take note, Mark Bric products are not just for shows; they have form and function in everyday applications. Investigate how Mark Bric Display signage and banner stand products can improve your guests’ hotel experience.

 – By Stacy D. Poole, Marketing Professional with Mark Bric Display Corp.