CASE STUDY: Easilocks® of Ireland Uses Mark Bric Display’s ISOframe Exhibit Management and Show Set-Up & Tear Down Services as a Natural Extension of Their Resources - Mark Bric Display

CASE STUDY: Easilocks® of Ireland Uses Mark Bric Display’s ISOframe Exhibit Management and Show Set-Up & Tear Down Services as a Natural Extension of Their Resources


CASE STUDY:  Easilocks® of Ireland Uses Mark Bric Display’s ISOframe Exhibit Management and Show Set-Up &Tear Down Services as a Natural Extension of Their Resources

Challenge:  Easilocks®, an international exhibitor headquartered in Ireland with limited personnel resources in the US, wants to participate in Premiere Orlando International Beauty Show as well as several other international shows but needs assistance with trade show management, setup, and booth storage in between USA shows.

Solution: Utilize Mark Bric Display’s custom exhibit design services as well as their trade show preparation, installation and storage service options.

The exhibit was initially designed and pre-built in Display Maker’s facility in the UK then shipped to Mark Bric US for final packaging and the addition of locally procured AV equipment and peripherals before being redirected to the Premiere Orlando International Beauty Show in Florida. All of this was made possible with the skilled coordination and assistance of Mark Bric Display USA’s customer service and exhibit management support team.

In addition to the trade show shipping and labor coordination done by Mark Bric Display,  Easilocks® owner Shane O’Sullivan and his father, John, asked Mark Bric to coordinate the exhibit set-up at the show site. “This father son team is incredible. Shane O’Sullivan started his hair journey at a very young age working alongside his father. He was honored by Vidal Sassoon as Colorist of the Year at the age of just 18 and has been recognized in countless prestigious hairdressing championships both at home and internationally for his signature precision cutting techniques. Asking us to do this for them made sense. They wanted to save their energy for working with their clients at the show. There was no need for them to have to do set-up and tear down when we could provide that service for them.  Especially with such an impressively creative booth,” remarked Ed Marquez, President of Mark Bric Display.  Ed added, “We aren’t experts in hair extensions or coloring, but we do know tradeshows and we are creative experts in our ISOframe system. For us the towers, lightboxes and intricacies are easy. We were thrilled to be able to speed up installation for our client and make their day easier – it is what we do.”

ISOframe systems in and of themselves are so easy to use. The challenge in this booth was not the Mark Bric products but all the design intricacies that needed to be handled. For example – the exhibit was not installed directly on the trade show hall floor surface. For added elegance and to accommodate a number of electrical cords and power needs for lights, hair dryers etc., a laminated wood raised floor needed to be installed first. Notice the edge glamour lights surrounding the raised floor. Again, these are the types of details you can entrust to Mark Bric Display when you enlist them for at show installation coordination services. The value added for this service is not just the wear and tear on your own personnel, but it is time saved that translates into labor cost savings because trade shows are Mark Bric’s area of expertise and typically the exhibiting show company personnel lacks set-up tear down experience. In addition,  Easilocks® also saved both time and money in international freight costs by storing their exhibit with Mark Bric Display between shows.

The ISOframe 16’ towers and SEG fabric light boxes  Easilocks® selected proved to be alluring, stunning and attention getting. The light boxes and audiovisual components adequately highlighted the  Easilocks® signature hair extension product and allowed customers to understand the flexible style, limitless creativity and exceptional results  Easilocks® could provide for them.

ISOframe fabric light boxes are easy to assemble, and ISOframe’s easy to use AV hardware enabled the integration of several very large monitors. John Diaz VP of Operations for Mark Bric, who supervised this particular install, said, “Our ISOframe fabric displays are so easy to put together and provide maximum impact. Choosing to let us install exhibits is an option, but not a necessity. For Easilocks®, as an international exhibitor, having us do the set-up enabled them to rest and recoup from any jet-lag they might have been experiencing. Everyone knows the set-up and tear down of any show can be exhausting. Why not let us handle it? That way you are 100% for the clients when the show opens.”

Mark Bric considers your trade show an investment; we know the investment in time and money is significant, we don’t just stop after the initial design consultation, free 3-d full color rendering, and exhibit creation. We want to provide full service for you. If you need help with show coordination and on site set-up and tear down just ask and we can discuss options tailor made to your exhibit and show schedule.

– By Stacy D. Poole, Marketing Professional at Mark Bric Display Corp.