CASE STUDY: FotoFinder – ISOframe Premium Custom Exhibit and Secure Storage Tower - Mark Bric Display

CASE STUDY: FotoFinder – ISOframe Premium Custom Exhibit and Secure Storage Tower

There is a lot of noise at a trade show. I am talking about more than traditional “audible” noise. I mean “visual” noise and “head space” noise. Really it is an environment where everyone is vying for your attention at all times. Given the environment, every exhibitor wants a unique display that is going to be heard. There are few times when a one size fits all solution will work in the real word of exhibitions. Over the next several weeks we will look at a variety of displays Mark Bric has created, with our plethora of trade show exhibit display and design products, that have addressed specific needs. When you work with Mark Bric Display designers, they can take your specific problems, concerns and challenges and work with you to meet, and even exceed, your needs with attractive and functional solutions. A trade show display is not just art; it has to be art that functions and speaks to be heard.

CASE STUDY: FotoFinder – ISOframe Premium Custom Exhibit Secure Storage Tower

Problem: Secure, overnight storage for large, valuable medical photo imaging equipment

Solution: Mark Bric Display creatively incorporated a large, locked, storage area into a striking visual tower.  Mark Bric Display worked with its distributor RBL Industries to design and create a custom built ISOframe vertical tower featuring an over-sized video display. The 8’ x 4’ x 12’ tower used semi-rigid substrate graphic panels to facilitate its dual function as a locking storage closet.

FotoFinder is a technology leader that continues to play a role in the future of medical imaging systems. They focus on the development, image management, archiving, and sale of systems for digital aesthetics, dermatoscopy, and body mapping procedures. FotoFinder’s corporate mission is to bring the skin into the picture brilliantly and make medical photography high-performance, time-saving, and intuitive. This is done by combining state-of-the-art technology with software, hardware, and camera technology. All of these things require intricate, technical and valuable equipment that FotoFinder needed to be able to demonstrate during the trade show hours. Problem: The large, valuable equipment they employ during the show needed to be stored at the show and secured. Carting equipment in and out of the show hall each day at show’s end was not an option; therefore, FotoFinder needed a workable solution that would enable them to feel comfortable leaving the equipment at the show hall overnight without worrying about it being damaged or stolen. The challenge in designing an exhibit for them was to provide this secure space in an attractive way, and in a way that would also leave enough free space during show hours to have the equipment out in the open to showcase their technology with multiple simultaneous demonstration areas.

Mark Bric Display and RBL Industries were able to rise to the challenge and meet customer goals with the ISOframe display system, a little bit of creative architecture and strategic planning. “Using a 12’ tall center vertical tower and incorporating both logo artwork and attention getting large video screens, we gave the FotoFinder booth a definitive and commanding voice amidst the noise of the show hall,” explains Ed Marquez President of Mark Bric Display. The tower was built large enough to contain, protect and conceal all of the necessary medical imaging and demonstration equipment, yet, left enough room around the periphery of the booth for the equipment to be demonstrated during the show hours without crowds having to spill into crowded aisle space. RBL Industries’ Alan Manford admits, “With every client that comes to me, I have access to multiple solution providers and I’m always looking out for what best meets client goals and budget requirements. For this particular project, Mark Bric’s ISOframe system was by far the most cost effective solution. The delightful aspect was that ISOframe not only met customer goals of securing equipment, it enabled us to create a striking display for FotoFinder. Their customer response at the show was overwhelmingly positive. Their booth really did “tower” above the competition.”

FotoFinder’s demonstration and explanation stations were completed by adding four customized ISObar counters. To maximize space and create balance, two of the counters were configured with two straight section modules and the remaining two used single table modules. All four were blended into the design-scape by using graphic panels with corporate colors and logos. The simple use of color and logo on the main exhibit walls allowed the videos and the showcased equipment to receive the majority of the attention while maintaining a clean, professional, non-cluttered look within the booth.

FotoFinder prides itself as a technology leader and they continue to play a major role in the future development of medical imaging systems. FotoFinder has developed milestones with aesthetics and in skin cancer diagnosis, which have since become the industry standard. They have also done themselves proud by leading the industry in tasteful, functional trade show display choices by selecting Mark Bric’s ISOframe system.

– By Stacy D. Poole, Marketing Professional at Mark Bric Display Corp.