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Fabric Displays and Exhibits on Parade!


Fabric Displays and Exhibits on Parade!

Everyone loves a parade! So, I think we’ll have a virtual fabric display and exhibit parade with the plethora of fabric display options we have available. Hopefully, it will encourage you to give fabric graphics a try. Seriously, it is time to get ready for summer sales promotions and engage the relaxed and ready summer crowd by getting your message onto an alluring fabric display. The guest star performer of this parade truly is fabric! More exciting than the flaming baton twirl, here is a quick pictorial lesson in fabric’s effectiveness and versatility.

Silicone Edge Graphic (SEG) fabrics are perfect for sleek, narrow profile applications like mounting on the walls of office and retail environments. Check out these SEG wall mounts. Notice the edgeless appearance and the slim profile which makes the frame totally unobtrusive in the environment so that the only thing getting noticed is the message you choose to convey!

As Emeril would say, let’s take it up a notch! Time for the Broadway show segment of the parade. Use the same SEG fabric and slender profile but backlight it and you have luminescent, vivid graphic light boxes.  As stand alones they are awesome; however, when you integrate them into showrooms, trade shows and retail sales environments, you draw in customers and revolutionize sales. We have noticed a wave of major retailers hanging up fabric to stay both trendy and relevant. Is that a thing? A trend that lasts? Like a great show you want to see again and again, fabric will last for sure! Check out these:

In the retail environment SEG fabric displays are not only visually engaging and alluring, but are cost effective in these larger sizes and allow for quick and easy change outs.

As the fabric parade continues, note that fabric allows very large seamless graphics to speak for you. Here are a few more examples in the trade show environment. Note using SEG fabric in this way eliminates any worries about lining up sectional graphics.

Still not convinced? Want something quicker than a full blown custom exhibit? Perhaps with a smaller footprint? Band leaders, drumroll, please…Try these luxurious fabric displays on for size:

Any of these, including a personal favorite, the Serpentine display, are perfect for retail environments, POP or as at show visual attention grabbers. We even have counters that accommodate fabric graphic wraps. Just ask and our exhibit design consultants will help you figure out what is best.

Last but not least, if you are really pressed for space or need something in the grab and go variety, don’t forget that we carry a complete line of retractable banner stands at multiple price points that accommodate high quality, dye-sub fabric graphics so you don’t have to sacrifice the alluring color-saturation and graphic quality you want to achieve.


The famous Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade always ends with Santa; we will end here with the Mickey banners, but never fear, there is always another parade next year! Don’t wait that long to get your ideas in line! Call us today and we can help get your fabric exhibit and displays marching!

* indicates Mark Bric did not create this particular work, but we produce the same type of SEG signage and display products. Call 800-742-6275 to discuss requirements for your project


– By Stacy Poole, Marketing Professional at Mark Bric Display