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Flexiframe clear choice for Energy Display


Last month, Mark Bric USA teamed up with Pedal Power, a non-profit organization that promotes energy-conservation awareness, and used Flexiframe hardware to help house a mobile power generator that is powered by cyclists.

Pedal Power is based in Richmond, VA and founded by Ethan Seltzer, a former Ironman finisher, who committed himself in 2009 to his two loves: personal fitness and minimizing mankind’s impact on the environment.

When Seltzer came to Mark Bric, he needed a special enclosure for a mobile power generator he designed. Panels were built using Flexiframe hardware and clear acrylic so visitors and participants could see the mobile generator working. Cyclists pedaling stationary bikes that are hooked to generators produce enough electricity to power lights and small devices. At times, enough power has been generated to cook lunch for the cyclists!

Mark Bric’s Flexiframe was the clear choice for the project since the hardware is strong and light weight.

Pedal Power’s goal is to raise awareness of just how much energy it takes to make enough electricity for even the simplest tasks. Did you know that pedal power at almost 1,100 watts per half hour could power a desktop computer for 7.5 hours, but only 20 minutes for a central air conditioning system?

For more information on Pedal Power, visit http://www.pedalpwr.com.