Flexiframe used at the Fukushima charity photo exhibtion - Mark Bric Display

Flexiframe used at the Fukushima charity photo exhibtion


Everyone around the world can remember the horror of the natural disaster which was the level 9 earthquake that struck Fukushima on 3rd March 2011 devastating a vast area of North East Japan. The images that we have all seen are of the horrific aftermath of the earthquake and what we haven’t seen is the beauty that existed there before. In order to raise money for the medical staff working so hard in this area and to raise awareness of protecting our environment a wonderful charity photo exhibition, Heart of Goodness, was organised showing photos of the Fukushima region before the earthquake struck. Here it was vital that the beauty of the images came to the fore and that nothing should detract from the photos. Flexiframe provided a stable mount for the photos that could blend into the background and also give space for information about the photos on the ends of the walls. The Flexiframe material for the exhibition was delivered by Cosmos, our Mark Bric HK distributor, and you can read more about the important event here: