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Before You Exhibit Get a Handle on Your Marketing Goals & Objectives

Do you know what your company’s overall marketing objectives are? Are you aware of the strategies being implemented company-wide?

It really helps to know before selecting your trade shows each year. If your trade show schedule is already set, be sure you know why you are participating in each chosen show in the first place.

From management’s standpoint, you can be sure first priority is not to check out the local scenery and nightlife! Show veterans will remind you that most trade show trips involve very little outside-the-hall activity. The majority of all the hard work and effort staff expends takes place right there in your outlined exhibit space in the confines of your booth.

Trade show and exhibit design planning should be strategic. Every aspect and detail of your show including pre-show, during show, and post-show follow up, should be thoroughly thought out and aligned with your business goals and objectives.

Dialogue needs to occur between sales and marketing managers and their teams. Discussion points should include: What are your primary objectives? What are other important factors that need to be considered but are secondary or tertiary goals? Are you there to build brand awareness? Are you there only to promote one special product or offer? Has the VP of sales set up a lead qualification system he or she is expecting you to implement to ensure you return with qualified leads identified?

Quality and definitive discussion on these points impact what type of exhibit you purchase, what graphics you choose to use, what collateral literature you bring, who attends to staff your booth, as well as what seminars booth personnel need to attend and what key contacts you need to speak or meet with.

Know your strategies and clarify them with goals and objectives. Sales and marketing goals and objectives with clear employable strategies are the very foundation for tradeshow success! Knowing these things is foundational. You cannot put the proverbial cart before the horse. Lay a foundation before raising a roof.

At Mark Bric Display we do not just mete out canned responses to clients. We invest in a conversation where we ask some of these same strategy questions. This helps us decide which ISOframe display system suits an exhibitor’s needs the best.

Are graphics going to change often because each show is promoting distinct offers? Are you going big and bold because you need to make your BRAND stand out above all else? Objectives matter. Strategy counts. It guides all your show choices from backwall structure to peripheral pieces such as literature and literature stands. It even guides promotion and attention getting choices such as light boxes and whether to mount video screens on the exhibit. It guides talking points and selecting booth staff.

Plan strategy and objectives prior to making trade show choices and it will be noticeable in your return on investment figures. If you need help with your display and exhibit material, you can ALWAYS give Mark Bric Display the opportunity to help out. Booth designers are ready to talk with you about your strategies and objectives and they’ll create a 3-D rendering, free of charge, with booth possibilities that will work for you. Bottom line is this: your exhibit design will work best when you know your sales & marketing goals and objectives before you begin the design process.