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Introducing … ISObar and ISOframe Fabric


We are excited to share with you our two new innovative products recently initiated into the ISOframe family: ISObar and ISOframe Fabric. Both of these new innovations will soon be stocked in the USA.

We’ve raised the bar, literally.

What might you ask is ISObar

From strong, but light wooden tabletops, to inner shelving, our innovative ISOframe line of displays now incorporates a NEW interchangeable system of Large Reception Counters.

Designed to be built up in sections, the ISObar gives you so many design options like

  • A straightforward 3-section counter.
  • Complete full circle enclosure.
  • Capabilities for ‘inies’ and ‘outies’ on the curves, to be shaped to fit in any space.
  • Single or double-sided graphics.

The possibilities really are endless!


Tired of lugging around that bulky toolbox? There’s no need for one with ISOframe Fabric!

Leave the tool-box at home!

Like the rest of the ISOframe, assembling ISOframe Fabric is tool-free! This means BIG TIME SAVINGS to you on constructing and dismantling.

ISOframe Fabric is fully integrated into the standard ISOframe system and that means that you can now add silicone edge graphics (SEG) fabfabric-how-it-worksric sections to the more traditional ISOframe displays, as well as use them as stand-alone fabric displays.

SEG, now an industry standard, are fabric panels with a thin strip of silicone extrusion sewn around the edges. The strip is inserted into a groove on the ISOframe posts and beams, forming a tight fit that stretches the graphic just enough to produce a stunning, seamless fabric wall, free-standing double-sided display, or wall mounted fabric frame. It’s simple, easy to use and looks GREAT!


At Mark Bric Display, we take pride in staying on top of the latest innovations in the world of display and exhibition systems. Our newest products, ISObar and ISOframe Fabric, illustrate how the ISOframe program represents a large and constantly evolving exhibition system around which you can create everything from small, hand-carry displays to large exhibit kits capable of delivering a stunning display in booth spaces of 20 x 20, 30 x 30 and larger!

Click here for more information regarding these new products or to place an order call 1-800-742-6275 or email us at

We hope you will join us in welcoming these new products into our family!