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Is Your Trade Show Exhibit Properly Accessorized?

Everyone can get dressed and put on clothes, but not everyone can pull together a properly accessorized outfit. Using Mark Bric ISOframe trade show displays and exhibits is akin to donning the whole accessorized package on the fashion week runway. You can choose other exhibit systems but if you want to do more than just show up to the show, giving ISOframe consideration when shopping for your next event exhibit is the way to go!

Notice in these two straight forward exhibits the difference the details can make. Mounted video screens, counters and properly lighted product display shelving dress up any exhibit. These add-ons do for your exhibiting what a great sport jacket and nice loafers can do for jeans and a t-shirt. With great seating areas and video screens this TLV exhibit is more enticing than a man cave. It was a success on the show floor both in welcoming booth visitors and creating comfortable roomy space to engage in product and service discussions.


Sentinel’s media screen told a story, while stand-alone counters with customized graphics put branding and the at-show contest front and center to lure attendees closer so they could get a hands on look at some Sentinel products conveniently within arm’s reach on the lit showcase shelving.  All of these accessories completed the peninsula exhibit space’s allure better than a model strutting her stuff.

Don’t worry if you have trouble visualizing the accessories that are right for you. We have designers to help you with that! Well, at least for your exhibit design – you are on your own with ties, socks, watches and necklaces. Our exhibit designers will listen to your goals & objectives, take into consideration your promotions and staff needs and will incorporate those into a 3D, full-color, rendering! The no charge consultation, free rendering and no obligation quote are only a phone call away. What are you waiting for? Contact us here or call 800-742-6275 today!