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ISOframe Wave Display Adaptability is Endless

Notice ISOframe can be kept extremely simple with a curved flexible backwall that will fit anywhere you want it to go – that includes trade show, showroom and retail environments. These Irish eyes are smiling because the simplicity of ISOframe Intelligent Exhibiting Solutions makes ISOframe the perfect choice for all of display and exhibit venues.

In addition to ISOframe Wave’s bend and flex nature, it is also durable and strong. Add audio visual monitors to create a more interactive display space.

This ISOframe Wave with attached table module, freestanding counter and a large audio visual screen helps communicate confidence, assurance and certainty.

Infinitely flexible backwall and audiovisual screens not enough? Consider adding product shelving to showcase your newest inventory options.

All these choices are made possible with ISOframe’s modular components, easy-to-assemble & change framework, plus an array of mix-n-match capability.

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