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Knock for Vertical Market Opportunities

Pay attention to vertical markets – changes in one industry may provide large opportunities especially within the signage industry. In their October 2016 article Health Care Boosts Sign Industry, Sign of the Times, mentions the healthcare industry as one to watch. The International Monetary Fund’s 2015 World Economic Outlook Database claims “healthcare spending will grow at a rate of 6% per year during the next 10 years”.  For healthcare, it is not just mergers driving changing signage, but also the rise in community-based outpatient facilities which all require signage to convey the branding of their parent facilities. In addition to wayfinding signage, service promotion signage opportunities as well as community event and PR signage needs continue to grow.

In order to best help clients, wise signage and display makers will investigate the needs of several vertical markets and become experts in the industry by watching current events and monitoring local and regional business trends as well as keep a finger on the pulse of national companies and what they are doing regionally.

In order for opportunities to arise you may need to knock on more than a few doors. Be assertive in approaching leaders within vertical industry segments in your area. Healthcare is just one example. What about the grocery market in your area? Who is merging, expanding, rebranding? How about the automotive market in your area? Or perhaps you want to hone in on educational institutions and services. Anticipate needs for select vertical markets and suggestive sell to prospects. It may not yield sales today, but at the very least you are planting seeds for future projects.

As you win business within select vertical markets you become more adept at foreseeing and meeting needs within that market and establish yourself as a trusted resource and partner. Remember, sometimes opportunity doesn’t knock for you, but you can always knock for opportunities.

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