Light Boxes - 2 Years & Still Glowing Strong - Mark Bric Display

Light Boxes – 2 Years & Still Glowing Strong

Without fail, for two full years these Mark Bric Display backlit light boxes have illuminated Norway’s On:U jewelry retail stores. The Norwegian retail chain On:U specializes in jewelry and watches and is currently expanding rapidly through the country. In a search for quality display systems to match the look and feel of their high-end brands, they found Mark Bric’s ISOframe light boxes.

The backlit, dye-sub fabric, ISOframe light boxes, provided by Mark Bric Display AS (Norway), were chosen for their crisp, clean, high-end look and their flexibility for the retail market.  ISOframe Fabric light boxes feature LED lights that provide a strong and even illumination regardless of light box dimensions. Having the ability to customize the light box size ensures each display can be professionally built into the walls of the shops for a perfect fit.

Because the light boxes’ fabric graphics are easily changed, they are perfect for a retail environment. On:U is pleased with them as they are able to highlight new product lines as they arrive and are periodically featured. ISOframe light box fabric graphics are quick and convenient to change allowing the displays always to be kept up to date.

This program has been running for two years so far and not one light has failed. Kudus to both ISOframe and On:U. Keep on growing & glowing!

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