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Mark Bric Display Unveils SnapUp “Elegance” Display System


Mark Bric Display announced today that it has added to its line of displays the Mark Bric SnapUp® “Elegance,” a new and innovative product from the family of SnapUp exhibit systems.

SnapUp Elegance is the next evolution in pop-up systems. It can be used with curved ends like a traditional pop-up system, or flat ends with decorative corner trims similar to Mark Bric’s top-selling ISOframe. This functionality gives the system a more contemporary “non-pop-up” look as well. The system also includes attached tables and state-of-the-art LED spotlights.

“What makes this system most unique, however, is that it is strong enough for the suspension of media screens,” said Larry Ragland, president of Marc Bric Display (North America). “The optional media holder can accommodate either an LCD screen or an iPad and that’s a first for the SnapUp line of displays. This is something that more of our customers were asking for, and it’s why we designed it to include this feature.”

The Elegance display is Mark Bric’s top-of-the-line SnapUp product. It is self-locking and cross-braced, which means that the graphics will always hang perfectly, despite the frequent challenge of uneven floors. This construction also makes the system extremely strong and stable. The slim frame of 190 mm/7.5″ also looks great and saves stand space.

For exhibitors who need counter space or a podium, the Elegance system’s options include a semi-circular attachable table as well as a hard shipping case that carries the display system plus graphics, with the traditional case-to-counter conversion feature.

About Mark Bric SnapUp®

Mark Bric Display’s family of SnapUp exhibit systems allow for fast presentation of seamless large-format graphics. Text and graphics are totally uninterrupted and will attract full attention. The SnapUp product line is based on the pop-up principle. Backwalls of straight, curved and cylindrical shape, as well as counters and reception desks are available to fit all types of display requirements. All products offer unparalleled durability, portability and ease of use.