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Mark Bric Display Saddened by Passing of Founder Gert Johansson

“Keep Pushing the Snowball”

It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to humanitarian, philanthropist, entrepreneur and Mark Bric Display founder Gert Johansson. Gert, who was 83 years old, passed away on Sunday, March 25, 2018 surrounded by his loving family.

Many of our customers only know Mr. Johansson through the Mark Bric Display size marker and exhibit and display products he championed, however his legacy is profoundly more to all who were blessed to have had the privilege of working alongside this man with his innovative way of thinking and encouraging way of leading. He made everyone around him feel important, valued, special.

For a man known to often to say, “It is as it is”, his heart defied leaving things alone; instead, he always strived to better the status quo. Whether it be to solve a retail problem, like he did with his invention of the size markers and the Mark Bric business in 1971, or in matters of greater importance like changing the world by giving young women an opportunity through literacy and education, Mark Bric founder Gert Johansson left his mark in this world.

One of his most lasting contributions is The Dispurse Foundation. Acting on his belief that “If you want to get things done, you need to start off where things are worst!”, the foundation he humbly began strives to create positive change, no matter how small, by creating scholarships to increase literacy and education opportunities so that girls in poverty stricken areas can get a better education and become a positive force within their home communities.

Currently the foundation is focused in South America, specifically Peru. Mr. Johansson believed that, “You shouldn’t hesitate in helping those you can just because you can’t help everyone”. In the US, employees recall Gert’s admonition to “make a memory” wherever you are. In that vein, if you would like to honor Mr. Johansson and his life’s work contributions consider, as he put it, “making a memory” by learning more about and helping The Dispurse Foundation continue to “push the snowball” and make a difference in this world. To read what Gert himself said in an interview about the foundation click here.

Gert will be missed by all.