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Modular Exhibits Perfect for Growth and Change

Many modular trade show exhibits come with limited product warranties. Typically, in this industry you will find the obligatory one year or two-year warranty against faulty product. There are a few companies, such as Mark Bric Display, that offer stellar product warranties that span 5 to 10 years on select exhibit and display products.  This is a wonderful added benefit. However, just because your exhibit will last 5-10 years doesn’t mean you design your exhibit then sit dormant over that course of time. Your needs, objectives, product focus and goals will go through quite an evolution in that span of time. Thankfully, modular exhibits are an ideal choice for growth and change.

If you attend trade shows with any regularity, first, be grateful for the modular exhibit warranty and hopefully the “no questions” asked policy with which it comes (Mark Bric has this too!). Trade shows by nature can dish out a beating between shipping, drayage and the rapid pace of I&D; it’s no wonder displays need some TLC after each show!

Second, realize that you have an inherent cost-effective opportunity to use your exhibiting dollars wisely and frugally by upgrading graphics for special promotions and varied show audiences without having to reinvest in structural components. The wide variety of modular exhibits available expands your spending power. In all likelihood, with careful and responsible usage, your hardware will last even beyond the warranty period, therefore you will have freed up considerable dollars over time and can carefully invest in a variety of more targeted wide-format graphic message plans.

In the marketing world, 5 to 10 years can be a lifetime; so selecting a modular exhibit where you can rearrange, slim down, or add on is a perfect solution for growth and change without breaking the bank.  Modular exhibits are also perfect when you get new leadership who has a different vision for your exhibit program. Choosing modular trade show components means no one needs to reinvent the wheel but there is still room to customize the “rims” so to speak by revising graphics with updated branding and incorporating new attention getting options such as light boxes or audio visual components as your success grows.

So lastly, embrace your ability to arrange, rearrange and select a variety of show venues, booth sizes, and targeted audiences. If you want to be prepared for growth and change, choose a modular exhibit system (i.e. ISOframe Wave and ISOframe Fabric).

For additional assistance understanding modular trade show exhibit and display options and how you can customize them to meet your needs, call Mark Bric Display at 800-742-6275 or contact us here and we will call you.