Whether it’s dinosaur bones and pottery fragments from a dig in your locale or replicated costumes from an era long gone by, each museum collection has a story to tell, something to teach, and a message to get across.

Museums are trying harder than ever to get the pubic to equate their organizations with learning. In the March/April 2018 issue of museum, a publication of the American Alliance of Museums, Laura Lott (the AMA president & CEO) reminds fellow museum alliance members that museums can “provide opportunities for inquiry based learning that reaches children, inspiring their curiosity and fueling their passions”.  If a docent isn’t available to guide and teach, the onus falls on the exhibit itself to do the majority of the job. This must start with capturing attention but also must follow through with information, engagement and retention.

Museum curators are tasked with gathering information and objects then piecing together the facts and figuring out a way to disseminate it for the education, enlightenment and betterment of all society. Truthful storytelling is a privilege, a challenge, and a weighty responsibility. You need a qualified exhibit design partner to help you bring your unearthed true stories to life.

Depending on your venue, you may choose to focus on easy-up/easy-take-down temporary, seasonal or travelling exhibits or perhaps, concentrate on an exhibit designed for long term permanency while still retaining the ability to update and change should facts or events alter through time. Remember, Pluto used to be a planet… think of all the space exhibits that needed to be altered! Find an exhibit creator that can offer you a wide range of display modalities and textures. Exhibit manufacturers do not have to create only museum exhibits. There are many talented, creative folks who are good listeners with excellent design skills, who work mostly in the marketing arena, yet are practiced story tellers and expert attention getters. Their lifeblood is getting messages across to achieve goals!

Think outside the box! Share your goals with a company like Mark Bric Display, a creative trade show, retail and marketing promotion display manufacturer, and you might be surprised at how well they can transform information to help your visitors engage, be educated, and cross the retention threshold. Mark Bric routinely creates trade show exhibits that function inherently like museum displays, attracting attention, engaging, telling a story, educating attendees and ultimately striving for message retention and action, from all who visit their creations.

Over the last 30 years, for the advancement of their clients’ passions, Mark Bric display has created multiple museum exhibits in a variety of mediums – some as simple as a series of banner stands that create attractive timelines, and others that employed the use of immense wide format graphics both on vinyl substrates and in the new and popular, upscale, dye-sublimation SEG fabric medium. Because Mark Bric is also used to designing and implementing marketing promotional displays, integrating your special event needs with a company like this is not just financially advantageous, but it simplifies logistics too.

Mark Bric Display understands that education within a museum is as powerful, perhaps even more so, as classroom education. Call 800-742-6275 to speak with a Mark Bric Display exhibit designer today and get your free, full-color, 3-D exhibit rendering underway. Tell your story, show your collection, get your message across, fuel some passions. Engage, excite, educate, inspire. Help museum visitors retain your message and become world changers. Accomplish all this with a quality exhibit; partner with Mark Bric Display today!

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