New ISOframe website has just been launched!!! - Mark Bric Display

New ISOframe website has just been launched!!!


We have the pleasure to inform you that our new website for ISOframe is ready and has just been launched. We have tried to make the new site as clean and easy-to-navigate as possible and with strong focus on our new modular concept in selling the ISOframe system, Wave being the leading star as a self-build, portable and modular system. Apart from Wave you will find separate sections for Fabric, Exhibit, ISObar (new model) and ISOframe counters – totally five product groups.

As you know already from our price list, Compact is taken away and the Oval posts will instead be sold as accessory items to the Wave system. Exhibit is explained more as a concept than a separate product – large custom-build and professionally installed exhibition stands.

There are two main menus on the home/start page – one left menu for the different product groups and a top menu for more info, downloads, contact forms and Facebook access.

Scroll down on the home/start page and you will also find links to special distributor/dealer sales & information tools like 3D design systems, printing templates, user instructions and Image Bank. These can also be reached in the black top menu by clicking “Downloads”.

Have a look online:

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