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Not All University Signage is Set in Stone


I think everyone loves the grand signage at the entrance of their advanced education alma mater. This type of ornate signage makes you feel like you are on a grand adventure while simultaneously stirring a “this is home” emotion somewhere deep within you. At least I hope you feel that way when you visit your old stomping grounds. I know I do! Good signage should pull you in, evoke emotions as well as excite and inform. Personally, I love any signage that incorporates Hokie Stone or my favorite hues –  the Virginia Tech shades of maroon and orange.

Everywhere you look on any given US campus you will find signs of all shapes, sizes and materials…and plenty of them. However, not all of the signage needs to be set in stone…or in brick as some of our in-state rival school friends might prefer (You know “Hoo” you are…at least we can agree on orange – just different shades!). There is more to university signage than the plethora of permanent and semi-permanent wayfinding signage that mark academic focus buildings, libraries, gyms, common use areas, dining halls, various specialty eateries, and even every mascot named street. There are literally hundreds of occasions and reasons colleges and universities need less permanent, yet integral, signage. brand_header

Larger colleges and universities boast literally hundreds, sometimes thousands, of registered interest clubs, intramural sport groups, fraternities, sororities and academic societies. Each of these are jockeying for the attention of the student body while promoting their organizational meetings and special events.  In addition, each eating establishment has menus and specials that change. Alumni have reunions and each prospective incoming class needs to be wooed. All of these entities at some point will need signage. Whether it be an attractive backlit fabric light box, an attention getting, yet cost-effective banner stand and colorful banner graphic, or simply self-created signage that is in need of safe hanging hardware. The trick is keeping the quality of the signage products compliant to your university guidelines and image and standards.

Banner_collageIt can be difficult for a University Office of Marketing and Strategic Communications to locate suppliers that will take time to understand quality, quantity and branding parameters. Throw in hard deadlines and the need for quick turn around and the list of qualified suppliers certainly dwindles to a select few. Certainly it would be wise to look for a company that has proven itself over time, has accessible personable customer service representatives, a wide variety of products at various price points and strives to put the customer first. Mark Bric Display fits this description with products ranging from simple hanging hardware all the way through banner stands, pop-up trade show displays and on to custom built exhibits . Mark Bric Display can provide a solution for almost every campus organization’s and department’s needs and budget stipulations.

Check out what we have to offer your University Marketing and Communications Office and the campus organizations you serve. While signage may not often be set in stone, our commitment to quality and Raving Fan level customer service is! Don’t let your next big event, or your enormous number of smaller events, come and go without checking us out!

– By Stacy D. Poole, Marketing Professional at Mark Bric Display Corp.