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The banner stand with the best possible value

BannerUp Plus takes just moments to assemble, so you create a big visual impact quickly. The aluminum body is extra thick to withstand careless treatment and tough daily use over many years, and the graphic banner is carefully protected in the metal cassette when not in use. We stand behind this retractable (roll up) banner stand with the best warranty in the industry—10 years, and no questions asked.

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Top quality from top to bottom

Well-designed, pricey graphics shouldn't pair with unattractive, cheap cassettes. The total impression counts. With BannerUp Plus, you get the best value for your budget.

Extreme durability

Mark Bric stands are designed to last. Each stand is built for thousands of pull-ups and everyday use for many years.

Market tested worldwide

More than 200,000 units sold and 15 years later, BannerUp remains popular. Thousands of satisfied customers all over the world continue to choose this banner stand.

Go even bigger with the Big Plus

Create maximum attention with 48 square feet of beautiful graphics. The BannerUp Big Plus is available in widths of 47 inches to 59 inches, and an impressive height of almost 10 feet. This model is ideal for trade show displays, public buildings, airports, lobbies, and more. When you need to go big to grab attention, the Big Plus meets the challenge.

Nominal Sizes: 2’, 3’, 4’ and 5’ width

Up to 10 feet tall

Silver or black finish (Silver is available in all sizes. Black is only available in 3'.) 

All cassettes delivered in a padded carrying bag

Heavy duty cassette in 13 gauge aluminum

Spring mechanism is extremely rugged and built to last

Accepts all print media up to a thickness of 16 mil.

EUR patent no. 1285421.

U.S. patent no. 7,040,372. 

Canada patent pending no. 2423412.

China patent no. ZL00819992.2.

Mark Bric BannerUp Plus


Step 1: Carry your portable banner stand in its padded case with shoulder strap
Step 2: Mount the pole sections into the banner cassette
Step 3: Pull the banner halfway up
Step 4: Hook the last pole section to the top rail of the banner
Step 5: Push the banner up to its full height so your banner stand is ready for the limelight


Outstanding design and finish

Outstanding design and finish

As the popularity of banner stands soars, cheap copycat models are everywhere. BannerUp’s quality outlasts cheaper knock-offs by years.

Quick change graphics

Quick change graphics

Our patented banner change system lets you replace graphics quickly. Keep the cassette and just swap the banner.


Roll your banner stand along at the airport with a flight case
Flight case
Connect multiple banners with connecting brackets
Connecting brackets
Mounting an LED light provides additional brightness
LED spotlight
A halogen spotlight can be mounted on the top rail
Halogen spotlight