As we are continually bombarded with emails and pop up ads on the mobile phones to which we seem permanently attached, many wonder if there is still a place for traditional advertising and wide format print signage in the retail environment.  In “EYES ON THE PRIZE”, an article in the April 2018 issue of Big Picture, Kelsey Johnson claims, “Don’t be fooled. While online shopping is at an all-time high, brick and mortar retail and POP Displays are alive and well.”

That is good news for display companies and those providing wide-format signage in all of its various forms. The same article emphasizes “With so many distractions vying for a customer’s attention, retail and point-of-purchase displays have to be more than eye-catching. They have to be absolutely riveting…taking a display to the next level with digitally printed graphics is a sure fire way to truly captivate passersby.”

Mark Bric Display is eager to partner with a variety of surface imaging professionals, including wide format print houses that specialize in fabric, in creating exciting retail displays, point of purchase campaigns and enthralling one-of-a-kind trade show exhibits. Retail signage has been a long standing area of expertise, especially since the company got its start in the retail market providing clothing size markers and tags almost 50 years ago. Mark Bric Display uses its ISOframe exhibit system to create wall mounted, hanging, and free standing fabric displays including backlit light boxes suitable for a number of retail venues across a plethora of markets. Clothing, automobiles, jewelry are but a few examples.

Mark Bric has also taken its large lightbox expertise in the trade show arena and designed oversized, tall, backlit towers akin to the T-Mobile Chicago store ones referenced in “Eyes on the Prize” . Backlit fabric displays like those can transform retail spaces. Often POP displays and retail environment are not the location for sales culmination, but they still are a preferred starting location for attention getting, engaging and person to person question and answer for items to be purchased by the consumer.

The sales process may look different with the advent of online purchasing, however, according to 2017 Census data 90 percent of all retail purchases in the US were made in brick-and-mortar locations. That being said, retailers still need reliable display creators to help them progress their customers through the sales funnel with the use of high quality, strategic displays comparable to ISOframe signage, displays and exhibits designed and created daily by exhibit companies, like Mark Bric Display.

Revenue stream has to start somewhere; the genesis of sales dollars more often than not, begins with an engaging retail display.