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Backlit Displays

Bright, engaging, and versatile

Grab attention with the luminous look of backlit fabric. From the glow to the graphics, this trade show display lighting increases visibility and visitor interaction.

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Why Choose a Backlit Display?

Lightboxes are infinitely adaptable—and sure to get you noticed. These backlit trade show displays create focal points and draw everyone’s eyes to your most stunning graphics. Mount your display or keep it freestanding, combine units for massive exhibits or even display panoramic images.


Luminous Look
High Visual Impact
Easily Versatile
Backed by Experts
Easy, Fast Assembly
Matchless Warranty

Where to Use

Lightboxes create a high-end ambience that’s ideal for retail, fashion, and trade show display booths.

  • Retail backwalls
  • Designer brand displays
  • Destination travel ads
  • Award show displays
  • Luxury goods branding

Backlit Displays

Why Choose a Backlit Display?

Brilliant and adaptable, affordable and stunning. See everything the next generation of exhibit systems can offer, including how Lightbox integrates with other ISOframe displays.

Learn more about ISOframe Lightboxes

Seamless and simple

These seamless, silicon-edged fabrics glide into their framework for amazingly simple setup. Quick and easy assembly is a hallmark of our bestselling ISOframe line.

Adaptable Structure

Lightboxes stand strong alone or connected together and come in standard or customized sizes. The robust feet allow for freestanding and oversized configurations.

Portable Design

Packs flat for shipping through UPS or FedEx—without the hassle of custom travel arrangements.

Easy self-build assembly Use single- or double-sided Standard as well as customized sizes Uses silicone edge fabrics Low voltage LED lights

ISOframe Light Box


Low energy footprint

Low energy footprint

Make a big impact on low voltage. These backlit displays rely on strong LED lights.

Single or double-sided

Single or double-sided

Since the LED lights are side-mounted inside the frame, fabric graphics can go on both sides.