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“Speaking Out” For Individuals Awaiting Organ and Tissue Transplants


As many of you know, our new slogan is “Speak Out.” In fact, you might remember one of our previous blog posts about the tagline which was introduced with our new Website.

 In the post, I mentioned that this phrase was carefully chosen to convey multiple meanings. We want you to ‘speak out’ to us when you need new products, when you have new ideas, and certainly when anything goes wrong with a Mark Bric project. We want your customers to ‘speak out’ to help us better understand their needs. And we want to be instrumental in helping you, and your customers, ‘speak out’ in the marketplace, so that your/their message stands out from the crowd.

 Now we are speaking out ourselves with a message we think you need to hear. Currently there are more than 112,000 individuals in the United States waiting for an organ transplant. One of those individuals is our own dedicated, 15-year employee Willie Cottle who is waiting on a liver transplant. Willie is a valued employee and member of the Mark Bric Display family.

Willie’s need has heightened the awareness of the importance of registering to be an organ or tissue donor among all of here at Mark Bric Display USA. We would like to use this holiday season as a way to increase your awareness of the need and are speaking out by launching a campaign during the month of December called “Providing the Gift of Hope.” There are two ways to participate in our campaign:

 For every “Like” Mark Bric Display receives on its Facebook page during the month of December, we will make a donation to Donate Life America on your behalf.

 Additionally, any person who registers to become an organ or tissue donor through the Donate Life America Website and lets us know that they did by posting it on our Facebook page, will be registered to win a $250 gift card to Amazon.com.

 There are currently more than 112,000 people waiting for a transplant. Help us spread the word of the need by “Providing the Gift of Hope” for someone this holiday season.

 If you do decide to register, know that your gift could one day be given to a person in need and help to save their life. It could be a father, mother, young child, or our good friend.

Larry Ragland – Mark Bric Display – USA