The next ISOframe generation is here! - Mark Bric Display

The next ISOframe generation is here!

The new ISOframe Wave model is now ready and in stock. A number of unique developments are introduced making the system even more attractive and easy-to-use.
Hidden Wave Link
The graphic image is now in full focus with the wave link hidden behind the panels. The new link also enables the user to “shape” the display far more easily to get that elegant Wave curve.
Improved suspension of panels
A new magnetic hanger device has been developed which makes it much easier and quicker to suspend the graphic panels on the system. Magnets help guide the graphic hanger into a specially slotted top post cap for a secure fixing.
Wave and Compact are interchangeable
With new Wave model both the framework and the graphic panels have the same measurements (width and height) as the Compact model. This enables Wave and Compact sections to be combined and the graphic panels between the two models to be interchanged as well.

We also introduce two  free-standing ISOframe counters, one circular (see picture) and one rectangular.