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Thinking Big, Thinking Internationally


We at Mark Bric Display have been vividly reminded recently of the growing impact of global marketing. And we’ve been pleased to be positioned to provide helpful services to several of our US partners as their reach extends to overseas markets.

Early this year, we were able to assist one of our dealers in setting up a multi-year arrangement to supply customSnappyframe2 front-loading SnappyFrames to locations worldwide. Their client, a major international staffing company, has offices in countries all over the world, with a heavy concentration in Europe and the US. Shipping large, assembled frames from the US to international locations was creating enormous headaches, trying to deal with country-by-country customs and duties, not to mention the exorbitant cost of freight. We worked up a plan to place inventory at our Virginia facility and at our parent company headquarters in Sweden. Since Sweden is a member of the European Union, we can ship to any of the other 26 countries in the Union as if we’re shipping from state to state in the US—no duties or customs fees, and very efficient freight costs.

SnapUpMore recently, we had another partner building a SnapUP display for a customer whose first exhibition was in France. Again, we called on our Swedish offices, and they shipped the display hardware directly from their warehouse to the exhibition in France. Graphics were produced in the US by our dealer, and everything came together perfectly for the French exhibition.

 In October, one of our dealers designed a very classy EGO display for their medical-ego-system_coverdevices customer, whose first planned use was in Germany, followed immediately by an exhibition in Switzerland. The display was built entirely in the US and shipped to Germany, but we then called on the Mark Bric network to arrange the set-up and take-down of the complete exhibit in both Frankfurt and in Basel, Switzerland.

And now, we’re in the final stages of taking care of a dealer’s needs with yet another international opportunity. Their client selected one of our new ISOframe Wave displays, with first Waveuse planned for London. The time-line for production was really tight, so rather than trying to rush through the details and hope to get everything right before shipping from the US to England, we made the offer to have the complete system, including graphics, built in England, delivered direct to the exhibition hall, AND set-up for them! Our dealer was thrilled that we could provide them with this easy hands-off option, even down to including the graphics and thereby eliminating all possible snags, with everything produced by one of our network members with the highest level of expertise with all things related to ISOframe.

Remember, we are here to help and often have the solution or partnerships to meet your needs, whether locally or internationally. Call on Mark Bric Display whenever you’re faced with a project that appears to need more horsepower than you might bring to bear on your own. Especially when international arrangements are needed, we have the network in place to pull it together for you. Even if it’s just a big domestic project, remember that we will play whatever role you need. We can custom design, special-pack, collate, drop ship, etc., for you—for 100, 1,000, or 10,000 locations.

Larry Ragland – Mark Bric USA