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This Whole Trade Show Exhibit…Fits in Here!

French packing machine manufacturer, Packinov, thinks outside the box and showcases their expertise in packaging solutions by choosing an ISOframe trade show exhibit provided by JP Stand of Lyon, a Mark Bric dealer in France.

In addition to the ISOframe Wave 9-panel wall, notice the central ISOframe octagonal display & storage tower (complete with AV screens attached) and the well-lit product showcase modules that all come together for a display packed full of success!

The whole custom modular ISOframe exhibit is tool-free, self-assembly and easy to move! ISOframe saves you time and money with no-fuss installation, dismantle and transport! Best of all, the whole exhibit fits into manageable cases and is easily transported in just one small van!   Find out more by calling 804-862-4655 today! For more ISOframe trade show display and exhibit ideas view