Trade Show Exhibit Durability, Reliability and Strength - Mark Bric Display

Trade Show Exhibit Durability, Reliability and Strength

Dutch company, VIJLIT Nederland, has been promoting their ProProfil system using the same Mark Bric Flexiframe exhibition stand for over 10 years!

Now that is getting your money’s worth!

The stand is wonderfully practical, incorporating plenty of tables & product display spaces, a business card collector, attractive header boards and an impressive tower of over 11’ tall.

Looking to do the same with your exhibit program?

Check out the many budget friendly, durable and quality conscience choices available from Mark Bric Display

Questions on what display is right for your needs? 

We have many exhibit systems equally as durable as Flexiframe.  For example our ISOframe exhibit systems have a great framework that allows for  modular rearranging and easy graphic changes to make the system relevant for each show and perfect for long term use.

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