"Why choose between a banner stand and a pop-up system... when you can have both"!! - Mark Bric Display

“Why choose between a banner stand and a pop-up system… when you can have both”!!


ISOframe Ripple consists of fixed banner stand modules which are connected with Flex-Link graphic panels – add or remove panels one-by-one as desired. The Ripple backwall can then be flexed into almost any shape you want and gives you maximum flexibility to suit your needs. The standard height for Ripple is 210 cm, same as traditional banner stand systems and roll-ups. Media screen attachments, spotlights and a unique case/counter solution are available as accessories. Its ability to fit into the boot of a small car makes it ideal for flyaway events and exhibitions.

Conclusion: If you are looking for an extremely portable, ultra-lightweight and price competitive graphic display wall, and wants more flexibility and possibilities than a pop-up system, then Ripple is the perfect choice.

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