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Polish your message with modular framing.

These sign frames simplify how your brand handles posters and prints. Retail sign frames can adapt to any number of public spaces—from shops and malls to offices and banks. The Flexiframe system has been market-tested for over 30 years. It remains a favorite today for its quality, user-friendly design, and economical pricing. Install the frames, add your message, and bump up your brand visibility.



Subdivided for multiple messages

Present multiple messages at once. Our unique 3-way and 4-way corners let divide frames into sections.


16 standard colour options

Enhance your brand's display with eye-catching tones.

White (51)
Grey (52)
Red (53)
Blue (54)
Black (55)
Brown (56)
Green (57)
Beige (58)
Yellow (60)
Teal (61)
Orange (65)
Purple (63)
Clear blue (66)
Burgundy (62)
Hunter green (64)
Grey metallic (59)

Fast framing

Change posters and prints quickly through the open side of the frame.

Subdivided for multiple messages

Present multiple messages at once. Our unique 3-way and 4-way corners let divide frames into sections.

Messages in both directions

Talk to your audience when they come in and when they leave. Flexiframe lets you choose single or double-sided exposure.

Endless possibilities

Flexiframe can be cut to almost any size. Frames can be combined in multiple configurations as your needs change.

Panels with thickness up to 5 mm can be used

Standard and special sizes

16 standard colours. Customized colours on order.

Frame corners in different angles: 30, 45, 60, 90 and 120 degrees

3-way and 4-way corners also available

Print company name, logo etc. on frame profile

Flexiframe single frame


Total size flexibility

Total size flexibility

Choose your exact frame size, no matter how surprising—we have it. Flexiframe is produced as profile lengths and then joined by corners, so sizes can be customized to your order.

Combine the frames

Combine the frames

Join multiple frames together with our unique connector brackets. Build anything from multi-frame screens to large towers, walls and more.

Print on profile

Print on profile

Perfectly customized by adding your logo, company name etc. on the frame profile.

Plenty of room for your creativity

Plenty of room for your creativity

Build frames in different shapes by using our angled corners.


Poster pocket attachments
Poster Pockets
Frame attached to wall with brackets
Wall brackets
Hanging frame suspended by chain and C-hooks
Multiple posters attached to frame holder. User flips through the posters like book pages
Swing Wing frame holders
Floor poster stand with extended feet
Floor stand brackets
Framed poster leaning on table stand bracket
Table stand brackets
Brochure pockets
Brochure pockets