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Impress with the luxurious look of fabric.

Anyone who’s seen a few retail sign frames knows one key fact: There’s just something special about fabric. Our fabric Single Frame Stand is made with a slightly slimmer aluminum profile than our System Frame for a minimalist look. It can be equipped with graphics on both sides. Rely on the arched feet for extra stability, or hang it from the ceiling to free up floor space. It’s perfect as a stunning alternative to traditional freestanding signs, posters, and banner stands.


The ISOframe Experience

Discover the endless possibilities of ISOframe displays.

Adaptable and stunning, affordable and tailored. See all the next generation of exhibit systems can offer, including more details on ISOframe Fabric.

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Silicone-Edged Fabric

The silicon edging on the tension fabric easily attaches to the system. It glides into a channel on the framework for quick and secure setup.

Gorgeous Graphics

Feature the unique beauty of well-printed fabric.

Size Flexibility

ISOframe fabric works for everything from small, poster-sized displays to 20 metre walls.

No Leveling

The frame sets up perfectly, even on uneven floors.

Quick Assembly

ISOframe Fabric sets up faster than conventional tension fabric frameworks.