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Add finesse with classic sign frames.

Posters and signs look temporary and unfinished without a frame. These metal sign frames add elegance and style, boosting your poster’s visibility and creating a sophisticated impression. Posters can be changed in seconds thanks to the snap-open front.


Sophisticated finish

SnappyFrames have an anodized aluminum finish. This understated, clean look keeps the focus on the message while enhancing the overall effect.

Anti-glare protection

The front cover of SnappyFrame is made of clear anti-glare plastic. This durable material protects printed graphics and holds them in place.

Wall-mount option

These aluminum sign frames are single-sided. They can be wall-mounted for a permanent look.

Back panel is made of weatherproof plastic

Standard US sizes: 70x00 cm, A1, 50x70 cm, A3, A4

Border width: 25 mm

Special sizes available on order


Quick and easy poster changes

Quick and easy poster changes

The frame snaps open from the front for quick access. Posters and prints can be swapped out in moments.

High quality

High quality

SnappyFrame is built to withstand years of constant use, and its anti-glare screen protects your prints while maintaining excellent visibility.